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Getting up for the people
The visual revolution of Asar-Oaxaca
Asaro, Mike Graham de la Rosa and Suzanne M. Schadl18,00 €
Getting Up for the People tells the story of the Assembly of Revolutionary Artists of Oaxaca (ASARO) by remixing their own images and words with curatorial descriptions. Part of a long tradition of socially conscious Mexican art, ASARO gives respect to Mexican national icons; but... (+)
A chance to fight Hitler
A canadian volunteer in the spanish civil war
David Goutor18,00 €
In late 1936, AS Franco’s armies stormed toward Madrid, Stalin famously termed the defence of Spain “the common cause of all advanced and progressive mankind.” As a German emigrant to Winnipeg, Hans Ibing recognized the importance of the Spanish Civil War to the... (+)
Birth work as care work
Stories from Activist Birth Communities
Alana Apfel14,00 €
Birth Work as Care Work presents a vibrant collection of stories and insights from the front lines of birth activist communities. The personal has once more become political, and birth workers, supporters, and doulas now find themselves at the fore of collective struggles for... (+)
IWW Songs
To Fan the Flames of Discontent
IWW5,00 €
Undoubtedly the most popular book in American labor history, the I.W.W.’s Little Red Song Book has been a staple item on picket lines and at other workers’ gatherings for generations, and has gone through numerous editions. As a result of I.W.W. efforts to keep up... (+)

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