This book bringstogether the political strategies and aspirations of the anti-capitalist, feminist and socialist movement for self-determination in Catalonia. It presents a rich history of the current struggle for self-determination movements around the world. The contributors to this book include some of the best known leaders of the left independence movement in Catalonia. Some of the people who can read here are incredibly brave, and risk criminalization for their actions and their words. Some have been exiled or imprisioned for their political activities and views. At the same time, the book you have in your hands represents a remarkable statement of hope and determination to build a fairer, more equal and just society; a society in wich people can enjoy true sovereignty and autonomy over their daily lives.

El mon ens mira - VV. AA.
DIFON LA IDEA! - Jordi Padró
En honor a la verdad - Iulen De Madariaga
Tierra de nadie - AA. VV.
Terra de ningú - AA. VV.
La rebel·lió basca - Ricard Vilaregut, Daniel Gómez, Pedro Ibarra i Mario Zubiaga